OPC IT. Managed services and web development in Canberra.

About OPC IT

Our goal is to deliver you technology solutions that empower you to undertake your business in the most efficient, effective and profitable way. We promise you that we will deliver real and measurable business value by being a true leading technology provider.

Our aim is to demystify and simplify your entire IT experience and incorporating all the factors associated with total cost of ownership such as purchasing, supporting, training and maintenance, into comprehensive plans to manage these costs over a given period of time.

We’ve been delivering on our goal and promise since 1985 and are now synonymous with the provision of the highest standards of web development and business solution provision throughout Canberra and the surrounding regions. Our clients come from a diverse range of environments including education, government and small-medium business.

“Organisations are built on people and no question we have a great team of people that work hard when the pressure is on but have some fun along the way. The diversity of the things we do, the flexibility and the joys of small business makes OPC a rewarding and interesting place to be.

Brett Norton, Managing Director

“Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors and SpaceX, once said ‘If you can get a group of really talented people together and unite them around a challenge and have them work together to the best of their abilities, then a company will achieve great things.’ That’s definitely what we strive to do for our clients at OPC.”

Evan Williams, Team Leader, Technical Services.

“I simply enjoy the challenges and rewards of working for a diverse range of clients, being passionate about the web and how I can help our clients make the most of their online presence.”

Stephen Ollman, Lead Drupal Site Developer