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Finance and Leasing

 There are many operational, strategic and financial benefits to be realised by financing your IT solution as an alternative to outright purchase.

These include:

  • cash flow benefits
  • known and fixed costs
  • minimised impact from inflation and/or currency fluctuations
  • convenience
  • protection from obsolescence
  • flexibility
  • end of lease removal and disposal.

Whilst leasing and financing share the benefits mentioned above, there are some important differences to be aware of.

Leasing – the finance company retains ownership of all hardware assets for the duration of the contract which protects you from risks associated with technology obsolescence and equipment disposal. Upgrade and mid/end of lease options apply.

Financing – you pay for the entire value of the purchase in instalments over the term of the contract. At the conclusion of the agreement you own the assets outright. Most non-hardware items (software, services, maintenance) are usually financed instead of leased.

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