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IT should properly support your business, not hinder it. We’ve been supporting enterprises for decades and ensuring their administration, sales and management’s productivity is optimised. We can provide the same for you through affordable and reliable solutions. How can we help you?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The building just burned down. Now what?

 A lot of people don’t know the difference between back-ups versus off-site disaster recovery. Simply backing-up is rarely enough to protect your business as recovery times can extend to days. How would your business respond to having core IT systems unavailable for that long?

Disaster recovery is an essential part of your overall business continuity plan and involves the restoration of critical IT operations after a natural or human-induced disaster.

Peace of Mind

Let us work with you to identify your recovery point and recovery time objectives as well as any legislative requirements around the long term retention of your data.  We can then design and build a tailored, resilient, tried and tested solution that will protect your IT assets from harm, ensuring your business or organisation returns to normal operation in the shortest time possible.

Continuous Online Backup

 Our online disaster recovery solution utilises continuous and complete data snapshots taken multiple times a day. These updated changes to your environment are then pushed externally to one of our hosted disaster recovery platforms in either Canberra or Sydney. Should a catastrophe occur OPC can facilitate access to your business files, email and other core business systems, keeping you connected to your customers, suppliers and mobile staff.

Complete service

 We can assist you with the design, documentation, implementation and management of an ICT business continuity plan by incorporating various methodologies including:

  • data security assessments;
  • disaster recovery architecture assessments;
  • disaster recovery reporting services; and
  • off-site backup and media storage.

This ensures that every angle of your business is protected.