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IT should properly support your business, not hinder it. We’ve been supporting enterprises for decades and ensuring their administration, sales and management’s productivity is optimised. We can provide the same for you through affordable and reliable solutions. How can we help you?

Web Hosting

Looking for a no-fuss, cost effective website hosting service?

 We offer you a secure, high speed, stable platform with exceptionally good performance and reliability.

Whether you are a small to medium business or large enterprise, our website hosting solutions and domain name registration provide a one stop web hosting solution.

Our servers are hosted in our Sydney Equinox Data Centre and are all closely managed and monitored to ensure the integrity of your data and server security.

Typically imminent hardware failures can be detected before they occur and data redundancy built into our systems provides another layer of protection for you.

Secure backups and RAID configuration

The data centre performs automatic daily backups on all hosted sites. As a result, we retain a 5 daily and two weekly backups of all client data, which can be restored by our technicians upon request.

In addition backed up data is always stored on separate servers, and RAID configuration which uses multiple hard drives to share or replicate data, increases data integrity, fault-tolerance and capacity.

OPC hosting rates

Current: 14 July 2016
Plan Disk Space Monthly Transfer Quarterly Fee
BizLite 5GB 25GB $79
BizPro 10GB 50GB $159
BizCorp 20GB 100GB $299
BizMax-N3 85GB 2000GB $400
BizMax-N5 125GB 3000GB $640

Please note:

  • All hosting fees are charged quarterly in advance.
  • Minimum contract period is twelve months.
  • Minimum set up fee of $195.00 applies for standard hosted accounts.
  • All prices exclude GST.

Contact us to confirm the most suitable hosting package for your requirements.