OPC IT. Managed services and web development in Canberra.


Supporting the highest level of services

We’ve worked with some of the country’s largest Government Departments and we understand that accessibility, functionality, reliability and security are all essential elements for you to balance while engaging and delivering a wide range of services to dispersed and large stakeholder groups. How can we help you?

Outsourcing and Onsite Service Desk Support

We can get you the right person for the job

 We’ve been in the market for a long time and worked across many diverse organisations to provide BAU and service desk management. We care about the outcome so, combined with our experience and knowledge, we can get the right engineer for you.

We take great care in allocating you right resource for the assigned task, so whether for a short one week engagement to provide BAU backfill, or to provide a fully outsourced service desk long term, we will always provide you with resources with the certifications and skills to meet your needs.

Are you protected against losing corporate IT knowledge?

 Are you worried that your network will come crashing down the moment your ICT administrator goes on leave?

Are you aware of how much corporate knowledge your ICT administrator will take with them when they move to a new job?

We can help.

Working alongside you

 Our engineers can work alongside your existing IT team to understand your business needs and your current ICT configuration, building a depth of knowledge amongst many people and thereby mitigating the risk that your business will be left exposed.

As part of this process, our engineers can audit and document the existing infrastructure and ICT processes necessary for your business to continue normal operations when key ICT people are unavailable.

We can also provide professional onsite engineers who know and understand the technologies within your implemented network during these times.

As part of our ongoing relationships with key IT vendors, we are required to complete and keep current with industry accepted certifications. This is our guarantee to you that we know and understand your technologies intrinsically.

We bring this knowledge to your ICT staff and can rapid-track their knowledge of your network infrastructure. This becomes a tailored, customised and personalised training program for your ICT staff in how to better deliver technologies and services to your wider staff.