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We’ve worked with some of the country’s largest Government Departments and we understand that accessibility, functionality, reliability and security are all essential elements for you to balance while engaging and delivering a wide range of services to dispersed and large stakeholder groups. How can we help you?

Server and Desktop Virtualisation

Save money through virtualisation

 Server and desktop virtualisation provide you with secure and flexible solutions that will save you money. Through the consolidation of server hardware, storage, desktop and networking components, OPC can ensure your organisation leverages:

  • a highly available IT platform resilient to unplanned outages
  • an environment that maximises the efficiency and utilisation of your infrastructure investment, and
  • a solution that enhances disaster recovery capabilities

Public or private cloud?

 Virtualisation provides the formwork for building or incorporating a successful cloud infrastructure.  Whether you’re considering a public or hybrid cloud model or are comfortable utilising an existing private cloud datacentre OPC can help you to understand the benefits, challenges and key considerations necessary for a successful implementation.   Our strategists can help you to design and build the scalable and agile IT infrastructure you need to maintain your own competitive advantage in a changing landscape.

Mobile workforce

 Staff today are wanting to work in many different ways.  They want to use any device, at any time and have access to everything as if they were sitting at their PC.  How do you maximise their productivity while maintaining operational security over the data that is so precious to your organisation?

Let OPC discuss the benefits of application and desktop virtualisation, the integration of wireless and connectivity solutions and the reduction of day to day operational management allowing your internal staff to focus on your organisation’s core business objectives.

We can discuss what security measures you can put in place to understand how your data is being protected and accessed and include your staff in its protection through effective policy engagement.

From providing business based desktop solutions to mobile devices, to providing cutting edge 3D gaming capabilities through virtualised desktop sessions, OPC engineers have the skills, techniques and experience to ensure your desktop virtualisation experience is a success.

Need an assessment?

 Would you like to get a clear picture of your existing virtualised environment? Understand how it’s performing and how well it meets the VMware best practice guidelines? Let us provide you with a detailed written report, exploring your infrastructure, highlighting any concerns and prioritising their required response.  Our skilled engineers can then help your organisation get to where you need to be – efficient, agile, and optimised.

OPC can examine your server and desktop virtualisation requirements and recommend cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.