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We’ve worked with some of the country’s largest Government Departments and we understand that accessibility, functionality, reliability and security are all essential elements for you to balance while engaging and delivering a wide range of services to dispersed and large stakeholder groups. How can we help you?

Social Media

Does your department or agency need social media?

 We can help design a social media strategy or policy by working through your marketing and communication goals to determine if social media is a suitable channel for you to connect with your audience.

If social media is suitable, we can help you determine which of the platforms is best suited to you and we can develop plans that make the best use of social media by using best practice communication approaches so you can effectively communicate with these audiences.

Social media plans

 Successful use of social media is not about simply setting up your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile or YouTube channel and then forgetting about it.

You have to bring your social media profiles to life and your staff also need to be provided with policies, procedures and practical ways on how to achieve that.

Integrating social media with your website

 Your social media activity should work with your other marketing and communication activities so that all messages are aligned. We can help bring your social activity into your site by integrating Facebook and Twitter feeds, embedding YouTube videos, showing galleries from your Pinterest, Instagram or Flickr accounts or embedding SlideShare presentations.

We can also include social sharing buttons which allows visitors to easily share your content on their social media profiles which increases your reach and awareness.

Moderate your site

 Social media can be an effective way for your department community to connect with one another, to share information with and obtain feedback from the broader community. However the social media landscape can also be fraught with danger and if you empower your staff and audience to connect with each other via social media on your website then you need to provide them with guidelines and boundaries to effectively and safely engage with one another.

OPC can help develop social media policy and moderation guidelines that support your codes of conduct and ethical behaviour.

One day workshops

 OPC has a Content Specialist who can help train your content writers via a one day tailored workshop.

If you would like to talk to us about using social media and to understand if it’s right for your department or agency then contact us.