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Communication | 14 January 2015
I thought it might be a good way to start January off by addressing some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on OPC IT.
By Jessica Versegi
Accessibility | 14 January 2015
Great tutorial references on making content accessible.
By Le Tong
Secure your website
Security | 28 November 2014
Best practices to keep your website safe.
By Kuriakose Kurian & Stephen Ollman
Happy, employees, customers, market
Workplace | 30 October 2014
For the most part, the experiences had left indelible marks on the callers who were never, ever going to deal with the offending companies ever again, and worse, were more than happy to spread the word.
By Cathy Norton
Community Involvement | 30 October 2014
Earlier this year, the Open Source Survey, now in its 8th consecutive year, was published. This report provides a yearly snapshot of the Open Source industry and the analysis of future trends.
By Jeannie Cross
I love Drush
Web Development | 23 October 2014
Drush (Drupal shell) is a fantastic command line tool to manage your Drupal websites. But there’s way more to it than just drush up. Here are some resources from around the web to help you leverage its power!
By Emma Lebel
Workplace | 14 October 2014
These days our lives are so incredibly busy, not just at work - families, running households, extracurricular activities, events all make life outside our jobs go, go, go.
By Stephanie Norton
Workplace | 14 October 2014
Sometimes employees feel that taking leave of any kind is almost a sign of weakness or that they are letting the team down in some way because their absence puts additional responsibility onto others.
By Cathy Norton
Drupal | 14 October 2014
It has a lot to do with support! Be it local or global Drupal has a development community second to none.
By Jessica Versegi
Business xChange | 29 September 2014
There is no doubt that IT touches every part of our lives. There is also no doubt that technology has changed immensely over recent times. But how is IT likely to change and affect us in the future? To answer this, Brett will provide you with a sneak peak into the trends and future of IT.
By Daniel Oyston
Business xChange
Business xChange | 29 September 2014
In this presentation, Prue Martin, Authorised Representative at Warrington Scott Financial Consultants, will demystify what the main insurance options are so that you can make an informed decision about your protection.
By Daniel Oyston
Business xChange | 29 September 2014
In this presentation, Jaemin Frazer, of Frazer Holmes Coaching, outlines the 12 keys for peak performance and how to be at your best in the areas that matter most.
By Daniel Oyston