Web Solutions

Drupal CMS Development

With so many web solutions available and technology ever-changing it can be overwhelming choosing the right option for your organisation or department.

Our Acquia certified developers are passionate about creating functional, beautiful and accessible Drupal websites - from project planning and research, to putting the finishing touches on a mobile responsive version of your site, our experienced team works with you every step of the way.

govCMS Development

govCMS is a Drupal7 distribution developed by the Australian Government, for Australian Government agencies, with the new digital service standard.

Design, Discovery and Information Architecture

'Design' in an online environment is more than just visual. User experience is the fundamental key.  It is easy enough to design a good-looking website, but it is paramount that the functionality, ease of use and the structure of your information (or Information Architecture) has been the primary focus of the design.  This is where a website will fail if you don't take the right steps.

Hosting Solutions

The OPC Data Centre infrastructure provides our clients with a secure high speed, stable platform with exceptionally good performance and reliability. Our website hosting solutions and domain name registration are suitable for SME's and large enterprises alike and provide a one stop web hosting solution.

We also offer highly available and fault tolerant hosting arrangements on Amazon Web Services, which is Tier 3 compliant and guarantees over 99% availability time.

Monitoring and Support Services

Far too often, websites starved of content and attention are doing more damage than good to reputations and brands. OPC can help your website grow, thrive and build your organisation through our custom designed Panoptic website monitoring and analysis service.

OPC can also provide a range of supplemental, ad hoc or fully outsourced, fixed fee web support services.

Specialist Web Services

83% of people search on line for information about how organisations, like yours, can solve their problems. If you can't be found easily, if users can't find the information they need easily on your site, or they don't like what they see, then you are missing out on massive opportunities.

OPC offers Accessibility Testing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Integration and Application Development services to help you engage with your target audience.