Our history

We’ve been supporting businesses in Canberra and the surrounding region for over 30 years. Just like technology – we’ve evolved!

We opened our first retail shopfront in Canberra City back in 1985.

We now provide sophisticated end-to-end IT support, creative web services and Cloud solutions to organisations of all sizes, from our established office in Fyshwick.

Significant events


1985: Opened the Office Productivity Centre (OPC) in Canberra City

OPC retail shopfront Canberra City

1985: We used to sell Canon & IBM Typewriters, Wang Wordprocessors and Bubblejets

Canon Bubblejet printerWheelwrite

1993: Sold our first PC XT Computer

PT XT Computer


1996: Developed our first website

It's a doozy! Check it out here.

Old OPC Logo

1996: Relocated OPC to Phillip ACT

OPC Shopfront in Phillip ACT


1999: Acquired SafetyWeb web services

2005: Developed our first Managed Service offering

2006: Renamed the organisation OPC IT Pty Limited

OPC IT logo

2008: Developed our first Drupal website

Drupal logo

2015: Relocated to our new premises in Fyshwick

OPC offices in Fyshwick

2018: Acquired Sennell IT Services organisaton

Check out our blog.

Brett from OPC with Sennell