OPC IT History

OPC IT Pty Ltd (OPC) is a family owned and operated business which was established in Canberra in 1985. We have evolved from a retail outlet selling typewriters and printer ribbons in the 80’s to providing sophisticated ICT Solutions and Web Services today.

Key events in the life of OPC are:

  • 1985 Opened the Office Productivity Centre, Canberra (OPC)
    • Retail Shopfront in Canberra City
    • Canon & IBM Typewriters / Wang Wordprocessors / Bubblejets
  • 1991 Sold our first PC XT Computer
  • 1993 IBM's leading Laptop provider in the ACT
  • 1996 Relocated OPC to Phillip ACT
  • 1996 Developed our first website
  • 1999 Acquired SafetyWeb web services
  • 2005 Developed our first Managed Service Offering
  • 2006 Renamed the organisation OPC IT Pty Limited
  • 2008 Developed our first Drupal 5 website
  • 2015 Relocated to new premises in Fyshwick
  • 2018 Acquired Sennell IT Services organisaton