10 ways to improve your Drupal website

Free time over the holiday period? Why not try these tips to improve your Drupal website:

  1. Ensure your Caching is turned on. Drupal comes with some basic tools to help your sites load faster. Find them in the Administration Menu under Configuration > Development.
  2. Make sure you deactivate the user accounts of anyone who leaves the organisation. Every ignored user account is another potential vulnerability.
  3. Check your Analytics every few months. Find out what pages people are visiting and more importantly, what pages people AREN’T visiting.
  4. If your website has a publicly available contact form, make sure you backup and clear the submissions every few months to keep your database size down.
  5. Check your Watchdog log often, it’s a great way of seeing if your site is being targeted by malicious activity. Check for repeat requests to certain URL’s such as wp-login.php or install.php.
  6. Give your content editors a hand by configuring your content type form display. Display fields in a logical order, and use the Field Group module to group fields together.
  7. While you are at it, make sure that your WYSIWYG editor is as trimmed down as it can be. A simple editor interface makes everything easier.
  8. If you need to audit some content, don’t be afraid to create a View just for you. It’s an easy way of listing, filtering and exporting page content. Views aren’t just for listing the most recent blog posts.
  9. Check in every few months and make sure your backups are working. Don’t just make sure the files are there, try restoring it to a local instance just to make sure everything works if something goes wrong.
  10. Make sure you site is always patched and up to date. It’s not fun work, but it’s better than getting hacked.
Date posted:
20 November 2019
Authored by :
Toby Wild