5 Top Tips for Drupal Content Authors

These 5 tips and tricks from one of our Senior Web Developers will make your content editing a breeze!Drupal

1. When pasting content into a text area from Word, make sure you clear any additional styles from Word by using the “Remove Formatting” button, or if you are using Chrome, paste the text using CTRL+SHIFT+V (CMD+SHIFT+V on Mac) and your text will be format-free.

2.    When uploading an image onto a page, make sure it’s already scaled or cropped down.  If the image will only be half a screen wide then there is no point uploading the full high-resolution photo.

3.    The Admin Toolbar module is a great help by providing a drop-down administration menu to help save on clicks when navigating around.  Ask your admin to get it installed.

4.    Want better SEO?  Google ranks pages with a proper heading structure.  It also scans your Headings for keywords.  But don’t over-do it.  An entire page content as a heading will get you de-ranked.

5.    Keep in mind that most people are probably viewing your site on a mobile phone.  Less is Best, so don’t waffle on too much.

Date posted:
08 October 2019
Authored by :
Toby Wild