Australians demand data security

Three out of four (74%) Australian consumers claim their confidence in a brand’s data security influences how they spend money with that brand.

More than 2,000 consumers participated in the ‘This is Australia’ research which investigated the sentiment towards data security and the impact on consumer behaviour. 

Many Australian consumers are unwilling to forgive a company that compromises their personal data, with 43% of consumers saying they would never return to a brand post-breach.

The small business sector in Australia is perceived to be in the low-trust category. Over half of consumers surveyed trusted large national companies over small local businesses, based largely on the belief that larger organisations invest more in security. 

It's clear that the need to identify vulnerabilities and to account for data security is more than just an altruistic endeavour. Cyber security should be your number one priority. 

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The full article, research report and e-book ‘This is Australia’ can be found here

Date posted:
31 July 2019
Authored by :
Maddy Norton