Cloud and Proud!

Imagine having your entire business in your pocket; every quote, corporate document, even every project accessible from any device or computer, with a single log-in.

Microsoft Office 365 brings an existing industry leading fleet of business software to the Cloud, offering the full suite of Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, SharePoint and PowerPoint right from your browser or smart device.

On-premise servers are quickly becoming obsolete.

They can be noisy, occupy too much space, inevitably they provide a high risk of data loss and lack in data security, and maintenance is costly.

Office 365 now includes 'SharePoint Online', a leader in the content management system race.

Since its inception in 2001, Microsoft and the community have built SharePoint into an absolute powerhouse of business collaboration and document management capability allowing users to access directly from a preferred browser.

Microsoft’s SharePoint Online moves beyond traditional methods of File Explorer data storage and presents an innovative way to access, manage and categorise documents using Metadata, in addition to opening the doors to seamless multi-user collaboration.

SharePoint Online ensures documents are easily accessible and categorises documents and data in the form of a 'Library', allowing the user to assign metadata or 'labels', rather than burying your documents within often dozens of folders.

Rather than laboriously navigating through folder after folder, users now have the ability to choose data they need or want to see and get on with the task at hand.

Assigning metadata to the items in this library allows users to filter the results based on chosen criteria, producing the exact information requested with a single click.

Another innovative feature of SharePoint Online is the power of Version Control. Traditionally users would simply attach a document to an email and send it to the intended recipient for review and changes, creating two instances of that document. If that user sends their changes back it creates three copies, two of which have different/updated information in them.

How often do we see file names such as Tender_document-final_final_FINAL-v2-approved-final.doc?

Not for much longer with the use of SharePoint Online.

Users would traditionally either save a new document with a convention such as _V2, or simply override an existing version.

SharePoint Online offers its userbase the ability to share links to the only version of a document in existence. When sharing a link, the recipient can have access to edit the original document, without creating a new copy, thus creating a version history log.

It doesn't stop there. Just think, in the past when you’ve had a tender response due by close of business and come 3pm you’re still awaiting the approval from three people before you can submit your document.

The clock is ticking.

With a comprehensive capacity to collaborate, SharePoint Online allows all three of those approvals to take place simultaneously; users can seamlessly edit the same document and maintain version control.

New features and improvements are continually evolving as we as professionals discover more ways to navigate the expanding world of Information Technology.

SharePoint Online is a living, breathing platform of productivity and is only the cusp of Microsoft’s document management revolution.

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Date posted:
26 November 2018
Authored by :
Dan Norton