DruPoint – Drupal and SharePoint, the best of both worlds


Drupal is great at a lot of things.  It’s a great CMS with robust content types and user authentication, and it’s a brilliant framework for responsive website development.

One thing it’s not so great at is document management.

Quite simply, it’s not it’s forte.  You can upload and download documents, but that’s not what Drupal is designed for.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint is great at a lot of things.  It’s a great Document management system with robust authoring facilities and ties into other Microsoft products.

One thing it’s not so great at is being a nice website for users.

Quite simply, it’s not it’s forte. You can make it public facing, but that’s not what SharePoint is designed for.

OPC I.T. is in the great position at the moment of marketing and supporting both Drupal and SharePoint solutions, in particular Drupal websites and SharePoint Online.

OPC has been working on a method to get the two talking.  Taking the document management of SharePoint and leveraging the best of Drupal.


Enter, DruPoint.

DruPoint is currently in development and will allow SharePoint Online document libraries to be displayed to the public via a Drupal website.

The module takes care of all the complex permissions and access tokens required by SharePoint, including the fact that their access tokens only last 12 hours, and allows you to display any document library you have in SharePoint out to Drupal, with no overhead management.

Say for example you have a series of documents that you publish online, maybe something like an FOI log that you update every week.

Rather than having to remember each week to make a copy and upload it to your Internet site, you just update it in your SharePoint document library as normal and let DruPoint take care of the rest.

DruPoint in developement

OPC Developers are currently putting the finishing touches to version 1 of the Drupoint module which we plan to make available on Drupal.org (Currently available as a Sandbox Project).

Documents as shown in a SharePoint Online document library.

Documents shown in a SharePoint Library

The same documents as shown via a Drupal website using the DruPoint module.

Sharepoint files shown via Drupal DruPoint module


What's Next

We plan on expanding the module to provide additional functionality such as:

  • only displaying Major versions, allowing you to make incremental minor version edits to your documents before releasing a Major version to the public (NOW IN TESTING)
  • Easier to use Administration interface for adding Document Libraries
  • Additional support for embedding Forms, Templates and User information
  • Alternate display options (Table, list, detail view, etc…)

Contact us now if you want your Drupal website to talk to your SharePoint Online.

Date posted:
25 September 2018
Authored by :
Toby Wild