EDGE 2018 ICT Conference

2 mins

I was delighted to have had the opportunity to attend the EDGE 2018 ICT Conference that brings together industry experts from around the country for a three day session on industry trends and analysis. Sponsored by DELL EMC with attendance from over 300 organisations it’s a fascinating melting pot of technology from industry leaders with facts and figures that provides insight into what is shaping business over the coming year. And by no means least, an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with peers in the industry.

There were three core areas that stood out ahead of the pack. Organisations continue to head to the Cloud however the rate is slowing with a trend towards a hybrid model of Cloud and on-premise becoming the norm. Over the next two to three years it is anticipated that cyber attacks and specifically Ransomware will dramatically increase and become an even greater to business. And thirdly, but by no means least will be the ongoing charge towards digital transformation.

It is one of the most dramatic times of technological change in our history and all businesses should be mindful that we need to be agile and open to change. At OPC we are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve through investment in our team, their training and certification and the tools to meet the challenges ahead.  

If you need help with these challenges, please give us a call.

Date posted:
31 July 2018
Authored by :
Brett Norton