The Future of Open Source

Earlier this year, the Open Source Survey, now in its 8th consecutive year, was published. This report provides a yearly snapshot of the Open Source industry and the analysis of future trends.

Since 2011, the respondents to this survey have more than doubled with 1240 in 2014 compared to 453 in 2011.

Some of the more interesting facts to come out of this survey are:

  • 8 out of 10 people are choosing open source for the Quality
  • 80% say that an important decision factors are competitive features and technical capabilities
  • 72% or respondents also believe that “Many eyes make IT more secure” which is a great shift in the belief that security was a liability.
  • Ease of development has also jumped from #6 to #3 on the list of top reason for considering Open Source software.
  • The early leaders of open source are brands such as Drupal, Andriod, OSSEC and Open Nebula.

Future Trends

Important Open Source trends over the next 2-3 years

  • Over 50% of enterprises are expected to contribute and adopt open source.
  • Leading technology areas such as content management, mobile and cloud are considering Open Source as their ‘foundational platform’.
  • The Industries most impacted by Open Source will be Education, Government and Health.
  • Consumer awareness will grow from #5 to #3.
  • Open Source will impact your everyday life through the following technologies, Mobility, Wearable Devices, Home Appliances, Gaming and Education.


This survey gives a great overview of why Open Source is playing a critical role in development and implementation in everyday life for the next generation, and how the momentum is really increasing globally.

Date posted:
30 October 2014
Authored by :
Jeannie Cross