Healthy Workplace makes a real difference.

OPC is a proud Healthier Work workplace and have implemented a number of great initiatives in the office, and it wasn’t until I was talking about this to my family that I realised how unique and lucky we are to have a workplace that is committed to health.

While saying you are a ‘Healthy Workplace’ is great from a corporate standpoint, how does it actually effect the workers?  What is the real benefit to an employee?

To me, this comes down to three main benefits:

Morning fruit

Each morning around 10-10:30, our certified Healthy Work officer heads to the kitchen and slices and dices up some delicious fresh fruit, and then makes the rounds to everyone’s desk, handing out delicious and tasty treats to everyone.

I’m a fan of a nice green apple, but options range to bananas, nectarines, oranges, pear and I think I even saw some blueberries one time.

It’s a great healthy alternative to a morning tea where someone brings in a pack of Tim Tams and chips.

Afternoon meditation

Another great daily benefit is an afternoon meditation break.  Around two in the afternoon, anyone who wants to can head into the boardroom to clear their mind and become one with the universe.

Some take a seat at the table, or the floor, some people even lay down on the floor and stretch out.

Then someone pairs their phone to the sound system and plays a 10-15 minute meditation track.  We have been through all the classics, from chanting to jungle sounds and my personal favourite the abstract ethereal soundscape.

It’s a great way to clear your head, centre yourself and is a good cure to three-thirty-itis.

Standing desks

It is fairly common these days to see an office with a few standing desks, even if it’s a bolt on attachment to an existing sitting desk.  However, at OPC every single desk is a standing desk. Every employee can choose to sit or stand at any point, and the IT guys have wired up the computers so that it’s a nice and easy transition, and you’re not getting caught on cables every few centimetres.

Even the communal table in the lunch area is stand up with tall bar chairs an option for anyone who wants to sit and eat.

While I don’t personally use the standing capacity of my desk, I do enjoy being able to wind it up fairly high so that I can support my arms and take pressure of the shoulders.

Date posted:
14 November 2018
Authored by :
Toby Wild