Launch of the new

Late last year we had the honour of being selected to redevelop the Department of Defence’s Army website -

The existing Army website was developed on an older version of Drupal on the GovCMS SaaS platform. We took the opportunity to upgrade the website to the Drupal 8 platform, as well as refresh the look and feel of the website and support the internal communications team to revise and improve the content.

The objective was to develop a website that could deliver rich and interesting content for the user, while improving the ability to author content internally within the confines of GovCMS SaaS.

Making extensive use of the Paragraphs module we created a library of different options for authors to select from when developing new content. This had the added benefit of cutting down the number of Content Types, allowing existing functionality such as Image Galleries and Content Lists to be extracted out into a Paragraph that could then be added anywhere in the site via the content of a Basic Page.

While the Army website was the first foray into the Department of Defence for us, we are excited to continue to work with them on a number of upcoming projects.

Date posted:
03 May 2020
Authored by :
Toby Wild