Our business in the Spotlight

I thought it might be a good way to start January off by addressing some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on OPC IT.

Typically while introducing myself at networking events, or in a first meeting – I’m asked “what does OPC stand for?”  OPC actually stands for ‘Office Productivity Centre’, and in the early years of 1985 was a shopfront, predominantly focusing on the sale of computers, peripherals and printers, as well as providing repair services. You could walk into Petrie Plaza or Townshend Street office and speak with a technician about your technical issue or requirement and also speak to a sales representative to find the best product to suit your needs.

The business closed its shopfront to move in line with the changing market and our Managed Service Solutions (MSS) becoming the strength within the organisation. You can however, still have repairs carried out onsite and order hardware through us; we just do this through email now!

“What do you do?”
Seems to be another question from the public from time to time, in a nutshell; we want to be the company that helps improve your technology, environment and web presence. We came up with the slogan of ‘leave IT to us’ quite simply because you can just leave your IT to us. The OPC tech team can come in and provide you an end-to-end solution and take over the management of your internal or virtual servers; ensuring products you purchase from thereon will be completely compatible with the current environment and ultimately saving your business money and time!

“Aren’t you small business- how big is your team?”
Our team consists of about 13 full-time IT technicians (IMS Team), boasting a range of skillsets; the team also consists of our Chief Technology Officer and Director of Technical services, bringing the tech team to 15. Our Drupal Web development (WADS) team consists of 7 developers; we also have 2 WCAG 2.0 Accessibility experts who work in collaboration on developments; they also bring a wealth of talent to the business. We have an admin team which consists of 3 highly organised individuals; we then have husband and wife - the Managing Director and General Manager who really do bring OPC IT together.

At the front-line, you have Stephanie Norton and myself; we are Account Managers for OPC IT. Stephanie focuses on the hardware and Managed service clients, while I focus on Web development and Accessibility.

We have a very close knit team, we have bi-monthly mingles which includes after work drinks at a local club (usually one where we do their IT support!),  we are supported in training we wish to attend and are looking at ways to better ourselves individually and for the company itself. With the benefits, it pretty much explains how staffs are retained in an IT industry. If you’re interested in being a part of the OPC team, you can see other company benefits and what roles we are currently seeking on our website.

Date posted:
14 January 2015
Authored by :
Jessica Versegi