Re: Re: No longer just a developer

It appears one of my previous blog posts sparked something in another local developer in the GovCMS sphere, Karl Hepworth.

After reading my blog, he was training some junior developers, and he was reminded of my old man rant about how back in the old days a ‘Full stack developer’ was someone who could manage an Operating System and three programs, and with the advancements in technology mean we are now having to learn ten different frameworks and fifty new standards.

Karl is a very smart developer who is constantly pushing the boundaries of new technology, and in his new role at the Department of Finance, will be “at the coal face” when it comes to the wider community’s implementation of GovCMS through things like Docker and Composer.

He has written a response to my post that is a very good read and raises some very valid points, especially that while the platform transitions into a mix of frameworks and services, that not every developer will NEED a working knowledge in all aspects.

He also points to a recent article on Time’s website that deals with Impostor Syndrome, which is something I have dealt with before and can be a real problem to a lot of people.

Date posted:
16 November 2018
Authored by :
Toby Wild