Redeveloped the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services website

OPC recently redeveloped the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MAPS) website for the Department of Finance:

OPC’s Web Application Development team developed the new website using the Drupal based govCMS distribution. The site was launched in August 2017 and features streamlined menus, simplified navigation, a responsive layout for all platforms and provides more resources and information on services.

The website contains extensive content ranging from forms, circulars, handbooks and legislative framework around Senators and Members’ work expenses and travel entitlements.

The focus on parliamentary expenses was re-ignited when former Health Minister Sussan Ley's use of parliamentary travel entitlements came under scrutiny earlier this year. As the evidence mounted and media-inspired anger intensified, Prime Minister Turnbull was forced to act, promising significant reforms to the entitlements system and led to the PM imposing a new level of external scrutiny on all MPs.

Related to this: OPC is in the process of redeveloping the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) website. IPEA audits and report on parliamentarians' work expenses and provides advice to parliamentarians and their staff on travel and work related expenses to support them in undertaking their duties, requiring that taxpayer funds be spent appropriately.

Date posted:
22 September 2017
Authored by :
Michael Goss