Is your business prepared for Coronavirus?

Who ever thought that we'd all care so much about toilet paper? 🧻

Like the rest of the world, we have started preparing our homes for a Coronavirus outbreak. But have you documented and informed your staff on how you have prepared your organisation?

The first case of COVID-19 has just been confirmed in Canberra. It is sensible to start thinking about what will happen to your organisation if you or your team become impacted.

What will you do if your team need to self-quarantine, or your building goes into shutdown?

It is possible that some or all of your team may be required to self-quarantine, or may need to stay home to care for children if schools close. If this occurs, it’s most likely that your business can continue as usual.

You need to ensure that you have measures in place to accommodate staff to work remotely and securely if it becomes necessary. Contact OPC today to discuss how you can prepare.

Other measures you should consider

  • Implement signage in the office mandating more frequent hand washing and hygiene best practices
  • Make face masks and alcohol sanitiser available to all staff within your office
  • Ensure staff clean their desks, phones and keyboards with disinfectant wipes regularly (daily)
  • Provide regular updates and education for staff about protecting themselves and others from the virus
  • Ensure that team members who are unwell do not come to work or visit clients' workplaces
  • Disinfect all deliveries
  • Suspend all work-related international travel
  • Suspend all non-critical domestic air travel

How is OPC preparing for a potential COVID-19 outbreak in Canberra?

We've implemented the measures above and more. OPC is fully equipped and prepared to operate as usual in the event of COVID-19 shutdown in Canberra. Should the need arise, we will enact our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that prepares us for all scenarios, including working remotely and/or high levels of employee absenteeism.

OPC operates in the cloud, meaning we can continue seamlessly with minimal to no disruptions to our business activities. If it becomes unsafe for our technicians to attend workplaces in person, we will continue to provide complete remote support to our clients in the event of an outbreak.

You can find out more about Coronavirus and how to protect yourself on the Department of Health website.

Date posted:
12 March 2020
Authored by :
Maddy Norton