Cloud Solutions

Office 365 Solutions

Office 365 - 'where Office meets the Cloud' - has revolutionised the way businesses access and manage email. Guaranteeing 99.9% uptime and constant updates, O365 provides unprecedented flexibility for staff on the go. It's like having your whole office with you wherever you are. OPC is a Microsoft Silver Mid Market Solution provider – we can help you maximise the functionality of O365 or transition your business fully or partially to this empowering technology

Backup and Disaster Recovery

What if you core IT systems were unavailable for a day, or even an hour? How would your business respond? Could you respond? What would be the cost to your business' bottom line and reputation?
Disaster recovery (DR) is the most essential part of your overall business continuity plan and involves the restoration of critical IT operations after a natural or human-induced disaster.

Cloud Migration Strategic Planning

Cloud services and digital disruption have become the buzz words in IT and whilst tremendously beneficial for many organisations, not all are ready for, or suited to, Cloud services. For some the transition needs to be a gradual, staged process, or a hybrid of both on premise and Cloud services. There is much to consider in deciding what's right for your business and OPC's specialists can help you navigate each step.

VoIP Solutions

OPC can assist with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions as part of our Cloud services. Your business benefits by using an Internet connection instead of traditional PSTN or ISDN lines which simply means phone call costs are greatly reduced or in most cases totally free!
Reduce that phone bill!

Business Intelligence Services

What valuable information does your data hold about your organisation and its operations? How can you analyse your data and present it in a way that is clear and richly visual for you and others? By harnessing rapidly evolving technologies OPC can turn your data into a powerful, valuable tool for your business. This is known as Business Intelligence.