Backup/ Disaster Recovery Services

What if you core IT systems were unavailable for a day, or even an hour? How would your business respond? Could you respond? What would be the cost to your business’ bottom line and reputation?

Disaster recovery (DR) is the most essential part of your overall business continuity plan and involves the restoration of critical IT operations after a natural or human-induced disaster.

Simply backing-up your data is rarely enough to protect your business as recovery times from a site-destroying event can extend to days or even weeks.

Let us work with you to identify your recovery point and recovery time objectives as well as any legislative requirements around the long term retention of your data. We can then tailor a resilient, tried and tested Altitude Cloud DR solution suited to your budget that will protect your intellectual property (IP) and core IT services from harm, ensuring your organisation returns to normal operation in the shortest time possible.

We can assist you with the design, documentation, implementation and management of an ICT Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that every element of your IT is protected.