Cloud Migration Strategic Planning

Cloud services and digital disruption have become the buzz words in IT and whilst tremendously beneficial for many organisations, not all are ready for, or suited to, Cloud services. For some the transition needs to be a gradual, staged process, or a hybrid of both on premise and Cloud services. There is much to consider in deciding what’s right for your business and OPC’s specialists can help you navigate each step.

Let us step you through it

  1. You will need a complete understanding of your current environment – the hardware that you have, what its architecture is, how old it is, when your warranties and support services expire, what applications you have and when their licenses expire, and so on.
  2. Do you have NBN access or access to another high speed internet service with the required bandwidth?
  3. You will need to determine what your current investment in your on premise environment is and decide if a move to the Cloud is going to be cost effective for you, and at what point in time. 
  4. Are your business applications compatible with the Cloud?

With no single Cloud solution suitable for all organisations it’s important work with us to develop a plan.