IT Solutions

Digital Transformation Strategies

We've all become used to terms like BYOD and Cloud over the past few years. With the rapid speed of technological change and advancement comes the pressure on business owners and organisational decision makers to keep pace. Organisations must be more agile, innovative and connected than ever before in order to seize opportunities and survive.

Managed IT Support

An OPC Managed Service Solution (MSS) can provide your organisation with either full or supplemental proactive support of your IT. It’s like having your own IT department - 24/7 if you need it - without all the overheads and will leave you free to focus on running your business while we watch over it's heart.

Email Optimisation

Email services and business contacts are critical to business communications, no matter what the platform. Are you getting the most out of your email environment? Is it secure? Mail servers are therefore a vital part of your business and managing them is not always easy with ever-increasing traffic and increasingly sophisticated threats.

Performance Monitoring & Management

OPC can provide solutions that monitor and manage all your devices 24/7, using ITIL best practices and our sophisticated remote monitoring toolset. Invariably we will know before you do if there is an issue, and usually before the issue is symptomatic.

Security Monitoring & Management

Just how safe is your data? Do you have the up-to-date knowledge to keep one step ahead of malicious malware, hackers and other emerging threats that are rapidly mutating and increasingly sophisticated? These risks demand vigilance and specialised expertise to prevent at best inconvenient, at worst catastrophic, infiltration.

Procurement Services

You can rely on OPC's advice when it comes to the right technology choices for your organisation. Our highly accredited and experienced team will guide you through the process of selecting the right technology options for your organisation, leveraging the best value for money for you through our leading vendor partnerships and our local and Federal Government Panel arrangements.