Server monitoring & management

Just how safe is your data? Do you have the up-to-date knowledge to keep one step ahead of malicious malware, hackers and other emerging threats that are rapidly mutating and increasingly sophisticated? These risks demand vigilance and specialised expertise to prevent at best inconvenient, at worst catastrophic, infiltration.

Constant vigilance means less risk

OPC can advise you on how to best secure your network from intrusion, or strengthen the ones you already have in place. 

Our scalable and flexible cyber security, endpoint protection products and application-aware firewalls can insulate your data from untrustworthy sources.

We can also conduct penetration testing to detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and provide security assessments to help you minimise risks to your environment.

OPC can develop access controls and security policies for your IT systems allowing tighter, more granular visibility of employees handling confidential data.

Features include the ability to:

  • monitor and control applications behaviour, including automated system lockdown, advanced whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities
  • restrict and enable access to hardware that can be used to protect and increase productivity
  • detect unauthorised change, conduct damage assessment and ensure endpoints are protected and compliant