Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia


Project Overview

The office of Governor-General was established by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. The Governor-General’s role is to protect the Constitution and to facilitate the work of the Commonwealth Parliament and Government and has main important constitutional, ceremonial and community duties to perform.

Why was OPC chosen?

OPC was engaged by the Governor-General’s Department to redevelop their website into the Drupal CMS. The requirements included improving the functionality of managing content for content authors and the Web Services team; improving the accessibility of the content; theming the new website based on the current structure and design; and migrating and integrating the content from the existing website.

Project goals, requirements and outcome

OPC undertook the redevelopment work in March-April 2012. OPC used the current website as the basis for the design and content to replicate. The website was themed in Drupal 7 with selection and configuration of modules that made the content authoring process easy to manage. The functionality and enhancements incorporated in the new site include:

  • Scheduling content to be published on specified dates and time.
  • Locking content to prevent multiple users from editing a single node.
  • Allowing editors to crop images dynamically from the browser as they uploaded images so that a separate graphic software was not needed.
  • Configuring the reCAPTCHA web service to control spam on the contact form.
  • Capability to make searching and replacing of content of nodes much easier.
  • Dynamic content displays for Events, Announcement and Media content
  • Embedding fonts to format the headings in a script typeface to improve accessibility and avoid use of images with text information
  • Generation of PDF documents based on HTML page content

OPC then migrated all content from the existing site to the new site. The migration process involved using the exported content from the previous database. This data was then reformatted to enable contributed Drupal migration modules to import the data to the new website to the appropriate content types. As a result it sped up the migration process and all content as well as hundreds of images were migrated quickly and successfully.

As well as the development work, OPC provided training and documentation to key personnel at the Governor General’s department in authoring the content and administrator training to the Web Services team in relation to the structure of the website in Drupal such as blocks, content types, maintaining users, permissions, taxonomies.

The finished website was delivered to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet with assistance from OPC to be set up on DMPC’s internal servers. The website has been well received by GG staff who have commented on how easy it is to manage the content.