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Project Overview

Grain Trade Australia (GTA) was formed in 1991 to formalise commodity trading standards, develop and publish the trade rules and standardise grain contracts across the Australian grain industry.  GTA's role today is to ensure the efficient facilitation of commercial activities across the grain supply chain. 

OPC re-developed the Grain Trade Australia website, upgrading it from Drupal 6 into Drupal 7 prior to the release of Drupal 8, at which time Drupal 6 would no longer be supported by the Drupal community.  The upgrade was a major revision to bring the GTA site up to date and ensure it was supported through to the release of Drupal 9.

Part of the upgrade included updating their existing theme, and adding in responsive elements for easy viewing on mobile and tablet.

Why was OPC chosen?

OPC undertook GTA’s original website development into Drupal 6 in 2009/10.  OPC advised GTA to undertake the redevelopment in Drupal 7 as the migration path from Drupal 6 straight to Drupal 8 was not going to be fully available for some time.

OPC proposed a multifaceted approach to redeveloping the GTA website. We created a scalable, easily managed, cost effective website using the Drupal 7 Content Management System that met the immediate requirements with capacity to be constantly enhanced to meet future requirements.

Project goals, requirements and outcomes

OPC approached the redevelopment in four broad phases to create a scalable, cost effective, easily managed website.

  1. Installation of base Drupal 7 website. This phase included the installation of the base Drupal 7 site, ie the installation of the new Drupal 7 modules that replaced the existing Drupal 6 modules. OPC liaised with GTA to ensure that anything no longer required was archived.
  2. Drupal development and implementation. This phase involved developing the theme, then implementing, configuring and testing the modules required to provide the agreed functionality. OPC developed the website within our own development environment, in regular consultation with GTA stakeholders.
  3. Content migration, testing and deployment.  Once the development was completed, the content was imported. It was then checked and the website functionality tested. After this, OPC worked with GTA to deploy the new website onto the existing hosting solution utilised for the Drupal 6 site. 

Support and maintenance

The 4th phase included a 30 day warranty period, post launch, covering issues relating to Drupal CMS modules and /or custom functional issues. Ongoing maintenance and training of the site continues to be provided by OPC under a SupportPak arrangement.