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Project Overview

Media Access Australia (MAA) is Australia’s only independent not-for-profit organisation devoted to increasing access to media for people with disabilities. MAA work as a catalyst for change across television, video, cinema, the arts, education, digital technology and online media, with a primary focus on people who are blind or vision impaired, or Deaf or hearing impaired.

MAA required an upgrade of their website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 to ensure continuity of support from the Drupal community.

Why was OPC chosen?

OPC has a long standing relationship with MAA having originally developed their website in Drupal 6.
When MAA considered upgrading their website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, they engaged OPC to do this work because of our knowledge of the current website and experience in creating accessible websites; we also had a great working relationship that had developed over time.

Project goals, requirements and outcome

The main objective of the project was to retain the design and functionality of the current website and to ensure that the website was completely accessible.  All content including the embedded video and audio players were made accessible as well. Capabilities for the website to be self-managed were still retained to allow MAA staff to update and edit content themselves.

The website functions that was transferred across included:

  • Several dynamic views to display content
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with itunes podcasts
  • RSS feeds
  • Advanced search

OPC followed the upgrade path recommended by A copy of the current site was placed on a development server and the new Drupal core and modules were applied. Where a newer version of a module was not available, an alternative module or solution was used and discussed with the client.

The content were remapped and checked for integrity. The views and displays were rebuilt to duplicate what was on the current website. The content was then tested by our Accessibility Consultant and any issues were resolved prior to launching and replacing the old website with the new website.

Support and maintenance

OPC has provided ongoing web support to MAA since 2010. The ongoing support includes enhancements, troubleshooting issues and module updates. OPC also provides hosting services to all MAA websites.