Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

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Project Overview

The Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) in partnership with the Business Council of Australia were looking to provide a new matching service to introduce people looking to become an independent director with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations looking to appoint the right independent directors to their boards.

Why was OPC chosen?

OPC has been providing ongoing Drupal web services to DPMC (which enfolds ORIC) for over 8 years. 

Project goals, requirements and outcomes

OPC developers created a custom data matching service using the Drupal 7 CMS that allows candidates to register their skills and availability to be matched against Independent Directorship positions advertised by indigenous corporations.

The project followed a detailed Scope of Works that included the following phases:

  • Development of Information Architecture following a Discovery phase and Graphic Design phase
  • Theme development and styling
  • Accessibility testing and reporting
  • Functional development including:
    • Content Types
    • Profile Types
    • Taxonomy Vocabulary and terms
    • Workflows, Notifications
    • Webforms
  • Dynamic Page Views
  • Spam and Vulgarity filters
  • Moderation of accounts and advertisements
  • Static pages
  • Customised theming
  • Deployment
  • Analytical reporting tools
  • Training for Publishers/Content Managers and Administrators
  • Documentation

Support and maintenance

OPC provided a 30 day warranty period, post launch, covering issues relating to Drupal CMS modules and /or custom functional issues. Ongoing maintenance and training of the site continues to be provided by OPC via contracted webmaster services.