PM Transcripts

Prime Ministers Transcripts

Project Overview

The PM Transcripts website is a collection of Australian Prime Ministerial transcripts dates from the early 1940's. They exist in hard copy from the early 1940's through to the beginning of the John Howard government. The hard copy transcripts have been scanned and optical character recognised (OCR).

The collection exists in electronic format from around the inception of the original website in late 1997 to the end of the Abbott Government in 2015.

Why was OPC chosen?

OPC has been providing ongoing Drupal web services to DPMC for over 8 years.  We developed the Department’s Intranet in 2009 and have assisted with website redevelopments with each change of government.

Project goals, requirements and outcomes

At the end of the Abbott Government, a new Drupal based system was created to house the Transcripts, as they had been in a custom built CMS since its inception in 1997, and the system was becoming impossible to use, as it required an old version of Internet Explorer, and the user interface was primarily a direct database query run by a non-technical staff member.

Instead, a robust Drupal CMS was setup with full WYSIWYG editor and file upload system.

Part of the new website involved migrating the 20,000+ records from the old system.  This was conducted using the Feeds module after generating large XML files from a database export. After a few test runs, the old data was imported and the site was ready to go.

An additional feature was included that was not available on the old website.  "On this day" shows the user the transcripts from the Prime Ministers for the current day, back through history.

Support and maintenance

OPC provided a 30 day warranty period, post launch, covering issues relating to Drupal CMS modules and/or custom functional issues. Ongoing maintenance and training of the site continues to be provided by OPC via contracted webmaster services.