Design and Information Architecture

‘Design’ in an online environment is more than just visual. User experience is the fundamental key.  It is generally easy enough to design a good-looking website, but it is paramount that the functionality, ease of use and the structure of your information (better known as Information Architecture) has been the primary focus of the design.  This is where a website will fail if you don't take the right steps.


Identifying what the best technical solution is upfront is a vital component of the development process. OPC sets a road map for both the developer and the client to follow with a vlear view to delivering a successful outcome. OPC’s qualified team will design a tailored website to engage visitors and position your brand effectively, while making it as easy as possible to find what your customers need as effortlessly as possible.

What makes a 'good' design?

With the user in mind, a good design means more than how a website physically looks.  In an online environment, design includes the accessibility of information as much as the visual creation of colour and imagery. It also involves a thorough understanding of the website's objectives and goals before applying the right visual solutions to direct the user experience and promote the call to action.

OPC can provide custom design services in consultation with our Graphic Designer or for simpler sites you can choose a design from one of our popular theme templates which can be customised with your logo and branding.

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