Working remotely, either at home, on the road or from a temporary location has become more and more common as organisations shift to healthier workplace options.

OPC specialises in setting up and providing cloud based solutions to suit the needs of your business. No longer does your team need to be in your office to complete their job functions. OPC can deploy a Project Services team to assist your business to transition from traditional operation methods to digital operations. 

OPC have a wide range of resources to implement plans and solutions for immediate work from home scenarios when required.

Focus on your business and ‘leave it to us’.

OPC has a wide range of resources for immediate work-from-home solutions


Transform the way you conduct business

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Create an environment to allow you to access your work anywhere, anytime.

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Access the same documents from the office, home or other side of the world.

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Share data and company documents quickly in a secure environment.

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Store company data and files in a secure network that is easily accessible

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Microsoft 365

Revolutionise how you access and manage your apps and services.

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modern workplace

Modern Workplace

Implementing plans and solutions for immediate work from home scenarios.

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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Transitioning your phone communications online, managed from any device.

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Document management, collaboration and security in a Cloud environment.

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Digital Transformation Strategies

Assisting businesses transition from traditional operation methods to digital operations

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