Learn how to manage and remove cyber risks to your organisation.


Cyber crime does not always target the head of an organisation. It can target any company personnel to gain access to important business information. According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, 81% of hacking breaches are caused by stolen passwords or stolen credentials.

The OPC cyber security protection division can facilitate training for your organisation on how to detect and report a potential Cyber Threat. OPC will educate teams within your organisation on the importance of the Essential 8 security controls, how to identify a potential cyber security threat and how to manage and remove risk to your business.

OPC will educate your team on how to:
  • Identify a phishing campaign
  • Recognise scam emails
  • Protect your data from misuse or theft
  • Implement basic security measures to protect your data
  • Report a cyber security threat
  • Store and send sensitive information
  • Recognise Security features with Microsoft 365