Your mobile, intelligent intranet empowering teamwork and collaboration


Our custom Office 365 and SharePoint Online solutions offer powerful document management, collaboration and security in a Cloud environment. 

As part of Office 365, SharePoint is easy to manage, offers enhanced security technologies and can be accessed from anywhere you have internet access.

OPC offers customised SharePoint packages to setup online document management systems to suit your business. Our SharePoint Specialists, will investigate the storage requirements of your business and create an online document management solution complete with tag classifications, data searching metrics and staged user access permission levels.

sharepoint example
Simplify your business processes
  • Automate common business activities with Workflows
  • Bring your data to the surface by harnessing Metadata 
  • Securely share information with customers, partners or suppliers
  • Utilise integrations with common apps like emails and calendar
  • Ensure a simple, consistent end-user experience
  • Empower users across multiple devices
  • Collaborate on documents online in real-time
  • Reduce the risk of duplicated or outdated information
  • Create personalised Views to suit your individual needs