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24/7 protection

Your business' operations can be severely impacted by a security breach. It can occur in the form of unauthorised system access or electronic data loss, theft or corruption leading to lost productivity and damage to your organisation’s reputation.  We have a dedicated team that oversees and manages our security clients' cybersecurity defenses.

Essential 8

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has identified the Essential 8 as a set of cybersecurity mitigation strategies that organisations can implement to help prevent and mitigate cyber attacks. The Essential 8 provides a prioritised list of actions that organisations can take to make their networks more secure. 

At OPC, we can help your organisation implement the Essential 8 and achieve both safety and compliance. 

  • 01

    Centralised monitoring

  • 02

    Threat intelligence

  • 03

    Log management

  • 04

    Vulnerability management

  • 05

    Security analytics