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Aboriginal Hostels Limited

In 2023, OPC has redeveloped the Aboriginal Hostels Limited website on the Drupal 9 GovCMS Platform. -

Aboriginal Hostels Limited Website

    This year, OPC has redeveloped the Aboriginal Hostels Website on the Drupal 9 GovCMS Platform. This redevelopment comprised of a discovery and design phase to capture and reflect the agency’s new brand concept. The project concluded with development, testing and deployment. This required us to work very closely with the AHL team to ensure that all stakeholders were satisfied on the complete look and feel.

    This project was not a complete redevelopment but rather a face-lift redevelopment to ensure that design and accessibility standards were up-to-date.

In 2022, OPC engaged the Australian Army Research Centre (AARC) on a web project to develop an Advanced Search on the website. This project involved leveraging Apache Solr to tag content and provide extensive filters and keywords in an effort to make content easily searchable.

In 2019, The Department of Defence’s Australian Army Research Centre (AARC) selected OPC through the Drupal Services panel to develop a new website on the GovCMS8 SaaS platform.

The website caters for domestic and international audiences who require information or research product on the latest thinking and debate on the changing character of war and use of land forces published by the Australian Army Research Centre.

Aside from disseminating information the main objectives of the AARC website include providing a forum for two way engagement with users, creating a mechanism to create collaboration and articulating available resources at AARC.

OPC conducted a discovery phase with AARC stakeholders to produce the IA and UI design, on top of final designs before development commenced. The site was launched in January 2020.

    Australian Army Research Centre (AARC)

    OPC has been consistently supporting The Department of Defence’s Australian Army Research Centre (AARC) since OPC was selected through the Drupal Services panel to develop the website on the GovCMS platform. - Australian Army Research Centre (AARC).

    AARC Website

Office of the Chief Scientist of Australia

In 2022, OPC has developed the Office of the Chief Scientist of Australia website on the Drupal 9 Platform. -

OCS Website


    The extent of this website development included, a discovery and research, followed by a design phase, and concluding with development, testing and deployment. This project involved a lot of stakeholder interaction as there was a heavy emphasis in capturing the existing Drupal 7 website and redeveloping functionality and content in a more accessible manner with more current frameworks and technologies.

    We pushed the theme and functionalities available through GovCMS to the limit in this build to include bold interactivity alongside a modern, dynamic and responsive website. Today we continue to work with the OCS team to add more functionality and interactivity to the website.

This was a huge redevelopment project that involved redeveloping an existing Drupal 7 website on to Drupal 9 on the GovCMS9 SaaS environment. We took the opportunity to maximise the users digital experience and refresh the look and feel of the website while supporting the internal communications team to revise and improve the content.

This project was quite complex and spanned across two websites. We developed the RGS website on the GOVCMS9 SaaS Platform as well and ensured that both websites were developed with a user centred focus. We continue to work with ARC and RGS to deliver exciting new functionalities to their website.

    Australian Research Council (ARC) & Research Grant Services (RGS)

    In 2021, we developed the ARC and RGS website on the GOVCMS9 Platform. -

    RGS Website


Our team had the honour of being selected to redevelop the Department of Defence’s Army website -

ARMY Website

    The existing Army website was developed on an older version of Drupal on the GovCMS SaaS platform. We took the opportunity to upgrade the website to the Drupal 8 platform, as well as refresh the look and feel of the website and support the internal communications team to revise and improve the content.

    The objective was to develop a website that could deliver rich and interesting content for the user, while improving the ability to author content internally within the confines of GovCMS SaaS.

    Making extensive use of the Paragraphs module we created a library of different options for authors to select from when developing new content. This had the added benefit of cutting down the number of Content Types, allowing existing functionality such as Image Galleries and Content Lists to be extracted out into a Paragraph that could then be added anywhere in the site via the content of a Basic Page.

    While the Army website was the first foray into the Department of Defence for us, we are excited to continue to work with them on a number of upcoming projects.

With the appointment of the new Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) on the 1st of July 2019, the Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General sought the development and design of a new website based on the GovCMS 8 distribution and standard templates.

Due to a tight deadline the Office decided to engage a supplier with extensive GovCMS 8 experience to develop the website on the new platform and associated distribution. OPC was chosen as the preferred supplier for this prestigious project.

OPC values the lengthy association with the Governor-General’s IT team, dating back to 2002. More recent projects include the development of the Governor General’s Drupal 8 intranet and developing the previous Governor-General’s website when General Sir Peter John Cosgrove, AK, CVO, MC was appointed in 2014.

The new Governor-General’s website utilises the GovCMS 8 UI-Kit to help deliver a modern, clean, responsive website befitting the status of the Office.

The development, forklift and launch of the site from start to finish was a total of 4 weeks.

    The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

    OPC was delighted to be selected to redevelop the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia’s website -

    Governor General Website


Sport Integrity Australia

Over a 6 week period, from project commencement to live implementation, OPC launched a GovCMS website for the new Department of Health governing body, the Sport Integrity Australia Taskforce. -

Sports Integrity Website

    As the voice for integrity in Australian Sport, the Department of Health engaged OPC IT to design a GovCMS website showcasing the key areas that the taskforce manages such as safeguarding, sports wagering, match fixing, anti-doping and supplements in sport. 

    The timeframe provided for this project was a short 6 weeks, which included discovery, research, content audit and creation, website design, development and testing. 

    The objective was to develop a website that could deliver rich and interesting content for the user, while improving the ability to author content internally within the confines of latest Drupal 8 GovCMS SaaS platform.

    OPC made extensive use of the GovCMS UIKit theme and 'Paragraphs' module to enable content authors to easily add multiple content components, to create a modern, dynamic and responsive website. The new site also utilises the use of taxonomy to help manage the sites Anti-Doping 'Sanctions' database.

The redevelopment project was fairly straight forward, with the ACIC website being a fairly simple information and publication website.  The major developments of note would be the handful of complicated Webforms that would need to be developed, and the various user access required in order to protect some behind a login.

Rather than simply running a Drupal 8 upgrade over the existing Drupal 7 website, the decision was made to redevelop it from scratch in order to both take advantage of the base level Drupal 8 features, as well as to ensure that no legacy configuration was brought across that may cause issues during later development.

This allowed us to easily cull and merge field functionality into something more streamlined and easy to use without having the site cluttered with legacy data. It also allowed us to migrate the content for pages into Paragraphs, allowing for more rich content to be added by the content authors in the future.

The development progressed in a fairly straightforward manner, migrating content across both manually for basic page content, and then using Views and Feeds to export/import to bring across the Reports.

Static pages from the old site were replaced with automated Views of Reports based on the various new metadata fields that were added.

One of the complicated webforms on the site is used by Police officers around Australia to run checks on Firearms that have been confiscated.  This required creating multiple custom user roles in order to submit and view submissions of the form.

While there have been some small issues with DNS configuration and server email security, the site itself has been running very well with only minor fixes required post launch.

    Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC)

    The initial goal of this project was to upgrade the ACIC website from GovCMS SaaS D7 to D8, and provide quality of life improvements were possible.  During the development the scope was enhanced to include a major restructure of the homepage to give the new site a facelift. -

    ACIC Website

Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC)

Constantly providing web development services to the ORIC -

ORIC Website

    ORIC, in partnership with the Business Council of Australia, were looking to provide a new matching service to introduce people looking to become an independent director with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations looking to appoint the right independent directors to their boards.

    OPC has been providing ongoing Drupal web services to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (which enfolds ORIC) for over 12 years. 

    OPC developers created a custom data matching service using the Drupal 7 CMS that allows candidates to register their skills and availability to be matched against Independent Directorship positions advertised by indigenous corporations.

    The project included the development of a new Information Architecture and a design phase. The notable functionality on this website includes spam and vulgarity filters, webforms and a training schedule for corporations. 

The Department was looking to work with a local Canberra company with significant Drupal and govCMS experience that they could trust, in order to meet their timeframe for the need to renewal of their Sharepoint licenses. The DET knew that OPC had the skills and local resources to undertake such a large body of work.

The five DET websites cover a wide range of subject matter including requirements and procedures for higher education, overseas study, assistance for financing tertiary study, skills assessment and licence recognition.

The challenge OPC faced in migrating these websites was to replicate SharePoint functionality as closely as possible in Drupal, particularly ensuring that it worked within the govCMS SaaS confines and environment. 

Key to the success of migrating all 5 sites was understanding the limitations and methods when developing for a SaaS solution. OPC developers were able to do this using a number of key govCMS modules, primary of which was the "Feeds' module suite that allowed our developers to take a number of complex data exports from the SharePoint source and to then manipulate and consolidate ready for import into the Drupal CMS. One site has subsequently been decommissioned.

The sites included:

  1. HEIMSHELP - Information about requirements and procedures for higher education and VET providers.
  2. Licence Recognition - Information about how an occupational licence or registration obtained in one state or territory can be recognised in another.
  3. Study Assist - Information for students about government assistance for financing tertiary study.
  4. Trade Recognition Australia - Skills assessment service provider specialising in assessments for people with trade skills gained overseas or in Australia.

Water Rating - GovCMS

    In 2019 OPC was engaged by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to migrate the existing SharePoint website into GovCMS 8 SaaS.

    The site was then developed by OPC as a sub-section to an empty test website, with the knowledge that for final delivery, the tool needed to be as self-contained as possible in order to facilitate a quick and seamless deployment onto the production environment.