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FUNdraising is part of our culture

We believe undertaking community service can have a wide range of benefits for both the individual and the communities they serve and OPC supports our team to participate in a range of FUNdraising experiences.

Not only do these organisations benefit from this support but it gives our team members an opportunity for personal growth, a sense of accomplishment, social connection and a true sense of service.

OPC is right behind our team for whichever charity or not for profit organisation they choose to support through flextime and financial backing.


    We actively support a range of charities and community programs and have many bespoke arrangements with NFP clients to ensure full access to necessary protections and services is available. These equate to $200,000++ per annum and typically take the form of a sponsorship reciprocal arrangement or heavy subsidisation of services. 

    We also support the fundraising initiatives of our NFP clients and other charities close to our heart.